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Borders offers a free rewards program that provides exclusive discounts and a chance to earn Borders Bucks you can use towards a future purchase. Since there's no cost to join, it's a no-brainer to join even if you only shop there once or twice a year.

For more avid book buyers, Borders also offers an upgraded "Rewards Plus" program for $20 per year and Barnes & Noble offers a similar Member Program for $25.  Both offer discounts on every book, plus free online shipping. For an occasional in-store shopper this probably doesn't pay back (you'd need to spend $250 on non-best sellers to get your $25 back at a 10% discount in store). However if you buy several new releases or other pricey books during the year, or you end up paying a lot of online shipping charges, you may very well come out ahead. Your best bet is to sign up when you make your first big purchase. You get 30 days to change your mind, so use the savings from that first purchase as a guide. If the savings don't seem big enough, just ask for a refund.

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