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Learn how to save at the bookstore with our collection of the very best advice and resources. Score big discounts on magazine subscriptions and cheap newspaper options.


  • Free music, videos & ebooks from Amazon
    Amazon offers free digital items year-round, including e-books, MP3s and videos, and we recommend checking out their vast selection before you buy elsewhere. Some items require a special (free) software to download the items, but generally they come [...]
  • Split up your purchases to maximize use of multiple coupons
    Shoppers who have The LOZO know to always try to use coupons whenever they make a purchase. Some stores are quite stingy with the coupons they offer, so you're happy to get your hands on any of them. But some stores are known for frequently issuing [...]
  • An e-book is cheaper for a voracious reader
    Purchasing an e-book like Kindle may pay off if you are a classics reader. Hundreds of classics are freely downloadable onto these devices and of course, they are all easily portable.
  • Compare prices online on both new and used books
    Browse in local bookshops to find books you're interested in. Then write down the ISBN number which you can usually find just inside the book on the copyright page (don't worry if you can't find it, you can always search the title). Try searching a [...]
  • Keep watch for free magazine subscriptions
    Many popular magazines (Maxim is one of the most common) are often available for 1 year free subscriptions with no obligation. Publishers give them away to increase their advertising revenue. Keep a watch on user forums that compile current offers. [...]
  • Read classic books for free through Project Gutenberg
    Thousands of books are available for free to download and read through Once an author's copyright expires, the text goes into the public domain and can be accessed for free. With you can receive short book installments [...]
  • Find book bargains at library sales, thrift stores and garage sales
    Public libraries tend to have book sales a few times per year, where bargain books can be found for as little as 50 cents. Sign up for the local library’s newsletter so you’ll know when the next sale is on. Thrift stores and garage sales are [...]
  • Pick up someone's unwanted magazine subscription with a free transfer
    Both Fatwallet and Slickdeals have user forums where members post magazine subscriptions that they are looking to give away. A simple phone call is all that is needed to make the transfer. Act fast to respond to someone who offers a title you are [...]
  • Try Amazon for cheap magazines
    Amazon offers monthly sales with big discounts on popular magazines. Look for a $5 or $10 off promotion to save even more, when available. Ebay used to have a lot of cheap subscriptions, but policy changes on presale items made these tougher to [...]
  • Get rewards for buying books: become a member
    Borders offers a free rewards program that provides exclusive discounts and a chance to earn Borders Bucks you can use towards a future purchase. It's a no brainer to join even if you only shop there once or twice a year. On the other hand, Barnes [...]
  • Use Firefox’s BookBurro plug-in to compare book prices automatically
    The BookBurro plug-in for Firefox browser aims to help you find whether a book you are looking to buy is available cheaper somewhere else. From the BookBurro site: "when it senses your are looking at a page that contains a book, it will overlay a [...]
  • Use as a full book resource center
    Amazon is one of the most popular websites for buying books because of their great prices. But you know that in addition to book sales, Amazon also has a multitude of helpful features? You can check release dates for new books, read professional and [...]
  • Trade books online for free
    Expand your book-trading circle at It's easy and free: list a book you want to get rid of, send it to someone who requests it, then request and receive your own new book. The only thing you pay for is postage.
  • Share and trade books with friends
    Sharing and trading books is one of the best ways to save money on books. Create an informal library network with a few friends or family members. Borrow and share with people who have similar literary interests. Also consider cooperative buying, [...]
  • Read unlimited books for free at the public library
    The public library is one of the greatest sources of free entertainment out there. Most public libraries lend books for at least two to four weeks at a time - for FREE. Keep a list of books you are interested in and place them on hold through the [...]
  • Avid book buyers should consider a book club membership
    Book buying membership programs call themselves "Book Clubs" but shouldn't be confused with gatherings at the local coffee shop or bookstores. These programs advertise an enticing introductory offer such as "5 books for 99 cents." While these [...]
  • Preorder that upcoming best seller
    Many local and online retailers like Barnes and Noble will offer a discount and/or free shipping if you pre-order a soon-to-be-released best-seller. If you order online, your card won't be charged until the book actually ships. Best of all, you can [...]
  • Buy only the books you intend to read soon
    Many people buy books they "just have to have," only to leave them sitting on their bookshelves for months or years. It's an even bigger waste if you buy when books are newly released (and expensive) since they can be bought later for less. Instead, [...]
  • Dollar store finds: bargain children's books and workbooks
    Books for toddlers and children - including educational, story and coloring books - can often be found in abundance at the local dollar store. Why pay a fortune in a bookstore, when the books will probably be scribbled or drooled on anyway. Be sure [...]
  • Avoid disappointing book purchases - read reviews before buying
    Before running out to buy a new book, consider reading a few book reviews. Amazon, Metacritic and The New Yorker are good sources for book reviews, along with recommendations from friends or family who have similar reading interests.
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