Limit your food purchases

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Many people know that concession stands are where theaters really make the big bucks. If your theater allows outside food then take advantage. Bring your favorite candy or snack along instead of buying at the theater. Even consider popping your own popcorn at home, at about a 95% discount versus the theater! You can hit up a nearby grocery store right before you go inside the theater, where you'll find many of the same items at half the price or less. If you can't bring it with you, try to eat before you go to the movies to avoid snack bar temptation. If you can't resist, go for a kid's size combo, which can be half the price of an adult sized one, and not as bad for you. Or look for any specials that day and go for those. Resist the urge to upgrade if you don't need the extra snacks or drink. An extra 50 cents might not seem like a lot versus a $6 bag of popcorn, but it's still 50 cents wasted if you're not going to eat the difference!

A LOZO expert posted this tip.

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