We have the LOZO on how to save money at the movies. Read the very best advice on getting discount tickets to new movie releases. Learn how to save at the concession stand with free snacks and more. Never pay full price for a movie ticket again. Save money on movie rentals, DVDs, and more.


  • Free music, videos & ebooks from Amazon
    Amazon offers free digital items year-round, including e-books, MP3s and videos, and we recommend checking out their vast selection before you buy elsewhere. Some items require a special (free) software to download the items, but generally they come [...]
  • Join movie reward clubs to get free tickets and concessions
    Join the free loyalty or rewards clubs of local movie theaters to access discounts. The Regal Crown Club awards one point per $1 spent and they give rewards at each 50-point interval. In addition, they have $1 candy Mondays and $1 popcorn Tuesdays [...]
  • Look for tie-in promotions for free movie tickets
    More and more products are offering free movie tickets with purchase. Sometimes the products cost less than the ticket would have, so it's like getting stuff for free.

    For example, Kellogg's recently offered 2 free tickets with purchase of [...]
  • Buy movie passes instead of tickets
    Movie ticket prices may keep rising and rising, but it's getting easier than ever to find discounts so there's no reason to ever pay full price for a ticket. Our favorite way to save: buy movie passes instead of movie tickets. Movie passes are sold [...]
  • Find discount movie tickets in the Entertainment Book
    The Entertainment Book is an endless source of discounts and coupons. In addition to 2-for-1 coupons for restaurants and local attractions, they offer discounted movie tickets to several big movie chains. With the coupons in the book you can usually [...]
  • Pickup discount Fandango bucks for cheaper movies
    Fandango often offers their Fandango Bucks at a discount, or you can pick some up from a reputable seller on Use the Fandango Bucks to buy your movie tickets, and you'll be saving a bundle versus buying at the theater. For example, Visa [...]
  • Don't pay extra fees if you don't need a reservation
    Even though it's convenient, reservation sites will charge for buying tickets online. charges up to $1.50 depending on location, while charges an extra $1. Don't bother for movies that have been around for a while, [...]
  • Buy movie tickets in bulk for better prices
    If you are going to use them up, then buying movie tickets in bulk is a wise investment if you can lay out the cash. Depending on how many you buy at once (some places set a minimum of 50 tickets) you might get the price down to between $6.50 - [...]
  • Enjoy $1 movie rentals with Redbox
    Redbox has some of the cheapest video rentals out there - just $1 per night. With 17,000 locations across the U.S. it's a cheap and easy way to rent DVDs. Check out for more information, or the unofficial list of free rental codes each [...]
  • Join a video club instead of frequent renting
    If you would otherwise be renting movies one at a time, or spending on a lot of pay-per-view, then a video rental club can offer good value. Grab a free trial at Netflix or Blockbuster (or try both, back-to-back for an even longer free period). But [...]
  • Get movies from the library for free
    The public library is a great source for not just books, but DVD and video rentals too. Most libraries let patrons keep the DVDs for at least a week, for either no charge or a small fee. They generally stock everything from kids' movies to [...]
  • Go for a matinee
    Most movie theaters offer discounts for their matinee shows. Matinee discount times differ by theater so check yours. Sometimes it's just the first show of the day, sometimes it's all shows before 6pm, and so on. They may also offer special food [...]
  • Limit your food purchases
    Many people know that concession stands are where theaters really make the big bucks. If your theater allows outside food then take advantage. Bring your favorite candy or snack along instead of buying at the theater. Even consider popping your own [...]
  • Take advantage of student and senior discounts at the movies
    Most movie theaters offer student and senior discounts of up to 30%. Don't forget to ask, and bring your student ID and/or driver's license in case they ask for proof.
  • Look for second-run or independent theaters to find cheaper movies
    Some cities still have second run theaters, which show movies that are a few months old. These theaters are often older and not as nice as the bigger, newer ones, but the movie tickets can be half the price of new movies. Also seek out independent [...]
  • Go to a drive-in theater for movie bargains
    Although often considered relics from the past, the occasional drive-in theater can still be found. Drive-ins offer great value, with cheaper ticket and concession prices. Some offer double features for the price of one movie, and some don't charge [...]
  • Try to attend promotional movie screenings for free
    Radio stations and newspapers often receive huge numbers of free tickets to advance movie screenings, to develop hype about a new movie. This is especially true in major metropolitan areas. Arrive early, since seats are limited and they give out [...]
  • Look for free movies, especially in summertime
    Seek out free movies. Theaters often show kids' movies for free, especially in the summer as part of a kids' program like AMC's Summer Movie Camp or Regal's Free Family Film Festival. Some theaters also show great movie classics for free on occasion.
  • For the best prices on DVDs, buy used
    Buying used movies can be a wise investment. Even though they aren't brand new, as long as the DVD isn't scratched, no one will be able to tell the difference. Plus, once you open a DVD for the first time it's already a used one. Check out the sale [...]
  • When buying DVD movies, buy blockbusters early and independents later for the best prices
    While it might seem backward to rush out and buy a blockbuster movie just released to DVD, this is when they are often cheapest. They usually have a special sale price for the first few weeks of their release on DVD. However, for independent or art [...]
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