Save money on wine by purchasing in bulk for parties

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If you are going to be hosting or attending several parties, consider buying wine in bulk. If you have a favorite winemaker call them directly to see if they are allowed to ship to you, and if they are willing to cut a deal if you agree to buy a few cases.

Ask your local wine shop for a "case price" to buy 12 bottles at a time. Often you'll save 20% or more versus the single bottle price. And for multiple cases you can often score an even better deal.

Also consider sites like on the West Coast, or on the East Coast, for great deals on various wines and more.

Think twice about free shipping benefits for online purchases. While this can obviously be a great way to save money when you don't have another option (and free shipping is better than paid shipping!), someone is still paying for that high shipping cost. Chance are the costs are built into the wine price by the retailer, so you're paying a couple of dollars more per bottle than you otherwise might have to. In those cases, if you have the choice, you might be better off buying locally.

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