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Learn how to save money on all kinds of parties. Cut costs on great birthday parties for your children, celebrate that graduation for less, and host amazing dinner parties without breaking the bank. Get tips on saving money on holiday festivities, at any time of year.


  • Lock in year-round savings at
    One of our more popular tips is how to be a smart shopper. We recommend not paying the prices listed on the site, but instead using a coupon code for 60%, 70%, 80% or even 90% off and stocking up when there is a great offer. When [...]
  • Plan the party menu around seasonal and sale items
    Throw a great party for less, without anyone even knowing. Decide on your party food based on what's on sale, and stick with the cheaper items. If the grocery store has a special sale on meat, buy it in bulk and freeze it until you are ready to use [...]
  • Email party invitations to save money on printing and postage
    Email has become the standard for communication today, and it's now socially acceptable to send party invitations via email as well. It will save on the cost of printing and postage, and hopefully encourage a quick reply. This works well for kids' [...]
  • Cut costs on your next kid's party--but still have it look great!
    As every parent knows, buying themed cups, plates, napkins and more for a kid's birthday party can become really costly. An inside tip from parents who have the LOZO: buy a tablecloth with your child's favorite characters, but stick with plain, [...]
  • Bring cupcakes to school for a child's birthday to save on party costs
    If you don't have the time, money or resources for a child's birthday party this year, ask the teacher if you can bring cupcakes in to school for his or her birthday and set aside a time to have a party for them.
  • Keep children's birthday parties simple to save money
    Some parents go over-the-top for their kids' birthdays with ponies and clowns or other bank account-drainers. But just as much fun can be had in a simple and inexpensive setting. Have a birthday party in the park - the venue is free, allows for easy [...]
  • Dollar store finds: bargain party supplies
    The dollar store is the perfect place to find discount party supplies. Most stock everything from napkins and cutlery to barbeque tools, citronella candles and serving dishes. You can often find quirky party favors at dollar stores, too. If you're [...]
  • Consider a potluck party or BYOB to save on entertaining costs
    There is no shame in asking guests to bring a dish to a party. It can be much more fun to try other people's dishes and ideas, too. Consider an international pot luck - ask everyone to bring something ethnic. For a backyard BBQ, ask guests to bring [...]
  • Use lesser-known or up-and-coming winemakers to find bargain wine for a party
    Shopping at lesser known winemakers can result in great wine for as little as $8 - $10 per bottle. Visit the local wine shop and ask for recommendations from up-and-coming regions like Chile, Spain or South Africa.
  • Bring your own alcohol to a catered event
    If you are hosting a catered event at a restaurant or hotel, ask if you can bring in your own alcohol. Most venues have a huge mark-up on bottles, so this can be a big savings. You'll still pay for the bartender and other service staff, but might [...]
  • Save money on wine by purchasing in bulk for parties
    If you are going to be hosting or attending several parties, consider buying wine in bulk. If you have a favorite winemaker call them directly to see if they are allowed to ship to you, and if they are willing to cut a deal if you agree to buy a few [...]
  • Host a brunch party instead of dinner
    If you want to entertain but don't want to spend too much money on dinner ingredients like meat, cheese and wine, opt for a nice brunch The ingredients are often much cheaper, everyone will be more awake, and you might even be able to eat outside.
  • Lemonade and iced tea are better-value party drinks
    Lemonade and iced tea are great thirst quenchers on a hot summer day, and are also much cheaper than soda or beer when you make your own. Serve them up in big pitchers.
  • Don't print your own photos
    Typically we expect to pay more to have a professional do work for us, instead of doing it ourselves. We expect to pay for the convenience or for a better quality job. So when it comes to printing photos from your digital camera, you might be [...]
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