Team up on the extras that come with your meals, and save everyone some dough

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If you're dining in a group, and some of the meals come with extras like soup or salad, a drink, and dessert, it's time to team up. Match up the extras with the people who were going to order them separately anyway, so you avoid extra charges. For example, suppose Person A's meal comes with a drink, but they only want water. Person B was planning to order an iced tea for $2, since their meal doesn't come with a drink. Just have Person A get the iced tea free with their meal, and give it to Person B when it arrives. Easy! This also works when everyone wants something, say a dessert, but some desserts cost more than others. Figure out what everyone wants for dessert. The more expensive desserts should be ordered by the people who get theirs free with the meal, no matter who wanted what. Then when the desserts arrive, just trade!

A LOZO expert posted this tip.

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