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Restaurants love to encourage repeat business. Many now have loyalty clubs or cards, where you get points for each dollar you spend, or a stamp each time you order a certain drink or sandwich. These clubs are almost always free, and the bonuses usually lead to free stuff or big discounts, so there's no reason not to join! Check with your favorite spots to see what they offer.

Once you have a card, be sure to bring it on every visit to take advantage of the benefits. If you forget your card one day, just sign up for another and on the next trip see if they will merge your points together.

Some chain restaurants have clubs you can join online too. Always sign up before your first visit, since you might get a coupon or other bonus for that trip. For example, Friendly's offers a free 3-scoop sundae when you sign up for their BFF club. T.G.I. Friday's offers a free appetizer or dessert when you sign up. Always opt into restaurant's mailing lists too, since they are likely to send coupons and other special offers this way.

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posted by munchkin (Contributor | 300 Points) on 03-07-2010 11:55 PM
so true!
good idea. i love my frequent buyer card for my local gelato shop - i've gotten several freebies! yum!!
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