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Just like with concerts, if someone bought a ticket to the game and can no longer go, you might score a great deal. First check or the newspaper classifieds. Then try sites like, and These sites have a range of tickets, from those being unloaded at a discount by people who just can't make it, to high-end premium tickets being sold by brokers. Check the stadium seating charts and regular ticket prices so you know if you are getting a good seat at a good deal. Keep in mind that electronic tickets can be forged or duplicated, so review the policies of the sites where you buy from to see if you are protected. Also visit the websites for the teams that are playing. They may have links to approved marketplaces where season ticket holders can unloaded their unwanted tickets. You'll probably have to pay a premium if it's a game in big demand, but might find a bargain for matchups that are much less popular.

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