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If you are in the market for fitness equipment, chances are you can score a big bargain buying used. And, if you're lucky, you may even be able to find equipment for free!

Lots of folks buy sports equipment with the best intentions in mind, but then find they don't have the time or inclination to stick with it (it happens to the best of us!).  Since the equipment is often quite bulky, there's even more incentive for these folks to unload it: the sooner they sell it (or give it away) the sooner they'll get that space back in their homes.  Not only can this afford you a nice discount, often the equipment was only lightly used in the first place so it's almost like buying new.  Plus, they've done the hard work of assembling it! 

So, where exactly do you find these deals?  We recommend you check out the following:
  • Check your newspaper's classified ads (in the paper and online) as well as other sites like
  • is a great site to look for items people are giving away for free in your area (this goes for sports equipment as well as other great stuff).
  • Local bulletin boards in supermarkets and at laundromats often advertise equipment for sale.
  • Retail stores, like Play It Again Sports, that specialize in used sporting equipment.
  • See if the local gym will be upgrading soon and are willing to sell their used machines - some gyms auction off used machines once per year.
  • Ask a local realtor about foreclosed homes in the area and make an offer to the owners for their used equipment.
Something to keep in mind on any used items you're purchasing: try it before you buy it!  You want to make sure it works before you hand over your cash and bring that bulky gear home with you.

Ok, so now you've saved on your fitness gear.  Still want to find more ways to save?  We don't blame you!  So, here's another tip: use grocery coupons.  They're one of the best ways to lower your weekly expenses and we've made it easy for you by scanning over 400 different coupons and brand websites to find more than 1,000 grocery coupons.  

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posted by gloria.smith (Contributor | 151 Points) on 03-06-2010 05:03 AM
Pitch in with a friend
You can buy a couple of cheap equipments with a friend than buying just one and share!!
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