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Get the LOZO on getting in shape, for less. Learn how to save on sporting goods. Find discounts on fitness equipment. We have the very best advice and resources to save you dough.


  • Take advantage of free gym memberships
    Nearly every gym has free trial offers that allow you to preview their facilities before you commit. We recommend signing up for free trials at all your local gyms, one after the other, until you've hit them all. This is a great way to get a feel [...]
  • Get free or cheap used fitness equipment
    If you are in the market for fitness equipment, chances are you can score a big bargain buying used. And if you are lucky, you won't have to pay a dime. People often buy equipment convinced that they are going to get a lot of use out of it, only to [...]
  • Buy during end-of-season sales
    Great bargains on sports gear can be found at end-of-season sales when sporting goods stores want to make room for the new season or next year's gear.  For football gear, shop in spring. For baseball equipment, shop in winter.
  • Build a great home gym on the cheap
    A few simple investments at the local discount store like Walmart or Target are all you need to get started on a fitness routine. Consider an exercise mat, which is great for stretches and sit-ups, and provides some cushioning against the hard [...]
  • Skip the gym and exercise for free
    Running, power walking and hiking are all great exercises that don't cost a thing. In winter, jump rope in the living room or practice your own aerobics or kickboxing steps in the living room. Make dumbbells by filling water bottles or milk jugs [...]
  • Cut back on your gym membership or personal trainer
    Consider dropping a gym membership, and especially a personal trainer, if money is tight. Instead of personal trainers, look for fitness DVDs or videos to use at home, or games like the Wii Fit. If you love to go to a gym but can't afford a monthly [...]
  • Shop last year's models for big discounts on sporting goods
    Like cars and appliances, new years mean new models. Retailers will often put this year's popular sporting equipment on sale to make room for new models. Except for the most hard-core athletes, most of the time the out-going model will do the job [...]
  • Research first and then buy according to realistic needs
    One of the first and most logical steps to take when buying fitness equipment is to evaluate your exercise goals and what equipment you are likely to use.

    If you hate to run, don't buy a treadmill. Buy according to whether strength training, [...]
  • Compare prices and find sporting goods coupons online
    Compare prices for equipment across lots of retailers with a search engine like Then check out LOZO for all the best coupons and cash back deals on sports and fitness equipment.
  • Shop at sporting goods outlets to save on equipment
    Outlet stores should be the first port of call when searching for cheaper sports equipment. Many outlet stores offer both new and used equipment, and some allow you to trade in your old equipment toward the purchase of new gear. Also look to [...]
  • Buy cheap sports and fitness equipment from discount stores like Walmart and Target
    Most people don't need top-of-the-line (i.e. expensive) fitness equipment or sporting goods. Check out Walmart, Target, Sears or other discount stores for more affordable fitness equipment, including resistance bands, dumbbells and bicycles. Also [...]
  • Shop online shoe stores for high quality sneakers at a discount
    Good athletic shoes that fit well are perhaps the most important investment in sporting equipment. They'll help avoid injuries to feet, ankles and legs. All of the big name shoe retailers online also carry sneakers, and the usual benefits like free [...]
  • Go directly to the source for great deals on athletic shoes.
    Check out Nike's clearance section, the Adidas outlet, and Reebok's sale page. Alternatively you can find some deep discounts at specialists like Joe's New Balance Outlet.
  • Commercial fitness equipment may be a wise investment with many users in a home
    For households where fitness equipment will get very heavy use, commercial equipment may be a smart buy over the long run, even though it costs more up front. It is made of more durable parts and electronics because it is designed for hours of [...]
  • Rent instead of buy on high-end, seldom used sporting equipment
    For those who ski or play golf only once or twice per year, renting or leasing equipment can be cost-effective. Not to mention the attic or basement space you'll save from not having to store bulky equipment. Treadmills, camping gear, exercise bikes [...]
  • Take advantage of stay-fit discounts through health insurance plans
    Some health insurance plans also have concessions for health and wellness. Some offer a lower premium for regular gym-goers, while others offer discounts on fitness equipment, active wear, and vitamins. Some employer-sponsored health plans offer gym [...]
  • Go for the cheap seats at a ball game
    The cheaper seats in most arenas and stadiums are in the middle or upper decks. While some might consider this the "nosebleed" section, they might actually afford better views since you can look down on the whole field of play. If the stadium is not [...]
  • Look for sporting event ticket bargains online
    Just like with concerts, if someone bought a ticket to the game and can no longer go, you might score a great deal. First check or the newspaper classifieds. Then try sites like, and These sites [...]
  • Take advantage of off-peak rates at bowling alleys
    Check with the local bowling alley - some have special off-peak rates for early morning or late night bowlers. You might save a few dollars per game, or be able to rent the lane for a couple of hours on the cheap. If they charge a flat fee per [...]
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