Save up to 50% on theater tickets on the day of the show

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Major theater cities New York and Las Vegas have half-price ticket booths which offer massive discounts on the day of the show. Other theatres will often have "rush tickets" at a substantial discount a few hours before performance. While day-of-show tickets aren't guaranteed - every show is not on sale every day - it's worth a chance. To pick from the best variety of shows, get in line early since tickets are first come, first served. To get an idea of what shows might be available, check the list of what was on sale the week before.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.

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posted by HJ21 (Contributor | 140 Points) on 05-07-2010 11:22 AM
Ticket sellers outside TKTS booth/NY
FYI: We had planned to purchase day-of-performance tickets at the 50% off TKTS booth in Times Square (Broadway) for a Wednesday matinee. However, we noted that there were several ticket sellers directly outside the booth (apparently they've already been vetted by the police for legitimacy). Since it was less than an hour before show time, they were selling premium seats for some of the shows at unbelievable discounts and we got vastly superior seats (front row center!) than we'd have gotten through TKTS and paid barely a fraction more. They said they were ticket brokers who wait until the last minute to sell but would rather sell at deep discounts than eat the tickets. Don't know if they'd have negotiated even lower prices but we were so surprised and pleased that we actually forgot to ask! Good luck.
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