Used toys are a smart buy and can be found everywhere from garage sales to thrift stores

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Garage sales are one of the cheapest ways to acquire new toys. Rugged outdoor toys, board games (if they have all of their pieces) and sports equipment are some of the best bargain items since they tend to hold up well. Most kids won't care if a toy isn't brand new, as long as it is still fun to play with. Not sure how clean the toys are? Most plastic toys can be sanitized in the dishwasher, while most stuffed toys can be machine washed. It's also a great chance to teach your child about budgets and responsible purchasing: give them a set amount of money and let them pick out what they want. You can also try thrift stores for affordable used toys, or find a Once Upon A Child location in your area for a huge selection of gently used children's toys and clothing.

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