Plan a beautiful wedding that costs less. Read the very best advice on how to save on wedding music, flowers, photography and more.




  • Saturday nights are generally the most popular times to have weddings, and therefore the most expensive. If you can pull off a wedding on a weeknight you'll definitely save. If it has to be a...
  • Just because it's a wedding, you don't have to be stuck paying wedding store prices. There are plenty of places to look for more affordable wedding attire. Ann Taylor and J. Crew have a great range...
  • Why not combine a wedding and honeymoon all in one place? Destination weddings are a great way to do just that. Wedding packages often include the venue, celebrant, catering, flowers and the bride...
  • Pre-owned wedding dresses are a smart buy, especially for those brides who have their hearts set on a designer dress. While designer dresses will never be "cheap", used designer dresses can go for...

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