Deal debunked: Spend $50, Get $25

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The "deal"
: "Spend $50 now, Get $25 off your next purchase"

What it sounds like
: 50% off!

What it's usually really worth
: 15-20% off

How they trick you
: For your first purchase there are often restrictions, such as needing to buy items at full price. Even without the "full price" requirement, stores are expecting you to spend more than $50 to get your bonus. Either way, you end up spending more than you meant to initially. For the second purchase there may be similar restrictions as well, or you may be prohibited from using that other coupon you had. Usually there is at least a requirement that you spend another $50 to get your $25 savings (and you'll probably end up spending more than that). All told you might have spent $120-$140 just to save $25!

How you can maximize your savings
: If there are no restrictions on your first purchase, stick with sale items and use another coupon, aiming to get as close to $50 as you can. Then do the same on your second purchase, before applying your $25 savings. Here's an ideal example: - For your first purchase, find $100 worth of items on sale for $65. It shouldn't be hard to find that kind of a discount, and you'll do even better if you pickup something on clearance. - When you checkout, use a 20% off coupon to get your cost down to $52. - For your second purchase, do the same thing. Then apply your $25 coupon so it comes down to $27. - All together you got $200 (or more) worth of items for $79 ($52 + $27), a better than 60% savings!

A LOZO expert posted this tip.


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