Dress in fashion all season, at end-of-season prices

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If you just have to have the new fashion before it goes on sale, work the system. At the beginning of a season it can be hard to find a discount better than 20-30% off. Buy from a store with a liberal return policy - try for 90-180 days. Hold onto your receipts and when your clothes are 50-70% off at the end of the season, go back to the store and ask to do a "return and rebuy." This way they will return your original purchase (at the price you paid before) and let you "rebuy" it at the new, lower price. The result for you? A credit back to your card, or store credit for your next purchase. Another option which your store may allow: buy the item at the clearance price, and come back another time with your original receipt (from the first purchase) to make a return. Just be aware not all stores allow this practice, and some don't allow returns on clearance items, so be sure to review the policy first. Many store clerks don't mind helping you get the best deal so just ask them for advice.

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