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Classic Jenga Game for $4.87

Written by user: mdshopper1
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What You Can Get
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From on 12/05/14

Recommended for ages 6+
Contains small parts and not recommended for children under 3.
Your family will enjoy playing the nerve-wracking and intense Classic Jenga Game. Stack the wooden blocks into a sturdy tower, and see how far you can go. In order to ensure the wooden tower is squarely built, a stacking sleeve is included with this wood block game. Once the tower is complete, each player takes turns pulling out the blocks one by one. Be the last to remove a block before the tower falls, and you are the winner; although, everyone is a winner when they enjoy time together playing this block stack game..
How to Get the deal: See comments for $3 off in-store coupon.
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Price $4.87
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