If possible, breastfeed your baby - it's healthier and cheaper

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When it's a medically viable option, there are tons of reasons why breastfeeding is healthier for both mother and baby. As Baby Center points out, it can protect your baby from illnesses, allergies and even obesity! Plus, it may reduce a mother's stress and her risk of postpartum depression. 

If that weren't enough to convince you of the benefits, here's another one: breastfeeding instead of buying baby formula will save you $2,000 per year.

Here's the LOZO: a baby eats an average of 25 ounces or milk or formula per day over his or her first year (less early on, more later on). At a price of 20 to 25 cents per ounce for formula, that comes out to about $5.50 per day if you have to pay for it! 

Of course not everyone has this option. If you need to use formula, you can save money by buying powdered formula, seeing if insurance covers the cost of formula or checking out many more of LOZO's tips on baby products.

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posted by will_v (Contributor | 1010 Points) on 03-22-2010 07:56 PM
Milk bank
The national milk bank the collects donated breast milk and supplies it to mothers in need
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