Deal debunked: Buy one item, get one 50% off

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The "deal": "Buy one item, get one 50% off"

What it sounds like
: 50% off!

What it's usually really worth
: 15-20% off

How they trick you
: They make you pay full price for one item (who pays full price?) to save 50% on another. But since the discount is taken on the cheaper item, your real savings can be much less than you expect. For example, if you buy a $100 and $60 item, you will only save $30 off the $160 bill. That's not even 20% off. Add in a third item for $40 and *poof* your discount is now $20 instead of $30 since they may the discount on the cheapest in your basket. Now you’ve only saved 9%!

How you can maximize your savings
: Buy two items that are the same price (or really close). If you have more than 2 items to buy, split them into separate transactions, pairing up two items that are closest in price. Leave the cheap items for a separate purchase. And use a coupon (like “20% off your entire purchase) on top of it. You will double up on the savings.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.


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