Save money on shoes by buying in the off season

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What's true for all kinds of clothing (and many other categories as well), especially applies to shoes: buy during the off season for major savings.

All shoe stores -- the local shop, major department stores, even online retailers -- have the same problem at the end of a season: how to get rid of old inventory to make room for new items. Their lack of space is your big bargain opportunity! 

You'll see the big markdowns start during the last few weeks of a season (e.g., late-August for Summer styles), and then get really aggressive about 4-6 weeks into the next season. Outgoing styles and "broken sizes" (where only a couple of sizes are left for a particular shoe) are particularly annoying for retailers, because they are less likely to be bought up by shoe discounters. These items will eventually get marked down to a rock bottom price just so the stores can be rid of them.

Worried about buying a cute pair of sandals just before winter arrives? Just save them in the closet until spring appears, and they'll still be "new" when you're ready to wear them in the spring.

So what's a really good deal on shoes? Shoes go on sale all the time and it's common to save 25%-50% even in season. So when the weather turns, we recommend looking for a minimum of 75% off before buying something to save for next year. Aim for 80%-90% savings off retail, and don't forget to look for additional coupons and free shipping promotions to stretch your savings even further.

When buying shoes for your kids out of season, be sure to buy a bigger size than what they wear now. Estimate what size they'll wear when the shoes will be weather appropriate again.

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