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  • Dress in fashion all season, at end-of-season prices
    If you just have to have the new fashion before it goes on sale, work the system. At the beginning of a season it can be hard to find a discount better than 20-30% off. Buy from a store with a liberal return policy - try for 90-180 days. Hold onto [...]
  • Never pay full price for clothes
    Between retailer sales, coupons, online cash back programs, and more, there's no excuse for getting stuck paying full price. If you find yourself at a store with no discount in hand, ask a store associate. Often they have extra coupons nearby or [...]
  • Split up your purchases to maximize use of multiple coupons
    Shoppers who have The LOZO know to always try to use coupons whenever they make a purchase. Some stores are quite stingy with the coupons they offer, so you're happy to get your hands on any of them. But some stores are known for frequently issuing [...]
  • Optimize tiered discounts for the biggest savings
    You've probably seen offers that look something like this: 20% off $25 in merchandise OR 30% off $40, OR 40% off $60. The industry term for this is a "tiered offer" since you have different tiers you can climb to get to each next savings [...]
  • Don't get tricked by misleading sales and coupons
    Some sales are great. Others are just designed to sound that way. LOZO exposes these tricks of the trade and shows you how to get the most value out of any sale, whatever the promotion. Here are some of the "classic" misleading promotions that [...]
  • Consider wholesalers for bulk clothing purchases
    If you have a big family or group of friends who could benefit from wholesale items, contact some wholesalers to see what kind of deals you can get by buying clothing in bulk. This works well for underwear, socks and simple items like T-shirts. [...]
  • Figure out your "cost per wear"
    The "cost per wear" is just what it sounds like: divide the cost of the clothes by how many times you will wear it. You might find that a more expensive item will actually be "cheaper", since you will get more use out of it. A $100 dress that you [...]
  • Buy for next year during end-of-season sales
    The best time to shop for winter clothes? April or May of course. End-of-season sales are a great place to start for bargain clothes shopping. This is when retailers try to get rid of current inventory to make room for new lines. Likewise, shopping [...]
  • Zip clothes before washing them to reduce wear and tear
    The metal on zippers and jackets can tear apart other clothes in the wash, and can scratch the inside of your washing machine. Make sure to always zip up jeans, jackets and other zippers to avoid costly damage.
  • Skip the bleach to make clothes last longer
    If at all possible, skip the bleach when washing clothes. It will make fabrics disintegrate more quickly. Instead, try a cup of white vinegar in the wash, or baking soda and hot water to brighten whites.
  • Keep shoes dry to make them last longer
    Moisture and humidity can kill a pair of shoes. Don't wear the same pair of shoes every day - allow a day in between to allow the shoes to dry out from the moisture they absorb from both your feet and the environment. To help dry out shoes, crumple [...]
  • Trade clothes with friends
    Create a clothing co-op with friends, family or neighbors. Swap clothes with each other - it will be cheaper than always buying new clothes and will add a bit of variety to your wardrobe. Swapping and hand-me-downs are especially great for maternity [...]
  • Befriend sales staff at clothing stores
    Befriend the sales staff at your favorite clothing stores. They will likely be in the know about when stock will be rotating and when sales will happen. Some sales people at smaller boutiques may even offer to hold an item or two until you can get [...]
  • Go shopping in your closet
    Once or twice a year, perform a wardrobe inventory. Look in the corners of the closet to see what forgotten treasures might be lying in wait, or what old clothes have suddenly come back in style and will be fun to wear again. Often just having a [...]
  • Buy kids clothes a size or two too big
    Kids grow fast, so buying clothes a size or two too big is a smart move. T-shirts for kids are a great example. In winter, kids can wear the t-shirts over a long sleeve shirt, then on their own in the summer, then as an undershirt the next fall, [...]
  • Add knee patches to kids pants to make them last longer
    Kids do a number on their clothes, especially pants. Knees tend to get holes in them after playtime. Be proactive and prevent knee holes. Sew or iron a patch into the inside of the knees on jeans and pants to prevent future holes.
  • Go for quality, not brand name
    It's true that some popular brands offer better quality, but they may charge up to 10 times the price of no-name brands and 5 times what it costs to make. Plus, most brands are manufactured in the same countries like China & India. If you want to [...]
  • Go for durable natural fiber clothing
    Natural fibers like wool and linen never go out of style, plus they last longer too. They are typically more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. However, if you can find them at an end-of-season sale they can be a worthy investment, as they [...]
  • Skip clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned
    Dry-cleaning is expensive and certainly adds up. When shopping for clothing, go for wash and wear clothing instead. A $50 "dry-clean only" sweater that you clean 5 times a year at $5 each, ends up costing you $100 after two years of care.
  • Know your measurements when buying online
    Avoid size mistakes when you buy online, which can lead to costly returns. Because clothing sizes vary by manufacturer, be sure to compare their sizing chart to your actual measurements. If you aren't sure something will fit, check the seller's [...]
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