Save up to $1,500 with cloth diapers

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The average family can save up to $1,500 by making the switch to cloth diapers, as long as you can divide the costs across multiple children (either yours, or a friend's or family member's). Cloth diapers cost a lot more per diaper ($10-20 or so) and use energy, detergent, and water when you wash them. However you don't have to keep buying new ones like with disposables. Newer options include an all-in-one diaper with a moisture-proof cover or a diapering system, where you insert a diaper into a protective cover, neither of which require safety pins. New styles like these and various types of cloth which make for an easier clean-up help add to their appeal as a cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly diaper. When you're finished with potty training, save them for the next child or pass them on to family or friends.

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