Focus on cost per diaper, not cost per package

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As anyone with babies knows, diapers are expensive and you buy a LOT of them. Unfortunately, diaper companies don't make it easy to quickly find the best price because they sell diapers in different quantity packages that vary by brand, store and size.

The easiest way to find the best deal is to divide the price of the package by the number of diapers it contains
(the number of diapers is printed on the front of the package). For example, Huggies Supreme Size 2 come in a 132 pack and a 36 pack. Which is the better deal?
  • 132 Pack: $34.99/132 = 27 cents per diaper
  • 36 Pack: $12.99/36 = 36 cents per diaper (35% more expensive!!)
Use the same method whether you are looking at a mega pack at a warehouse club or a smaller pack in the supermarket. If you have a coupon, first subtract the coupon value from the cost of the package. If you have to pay shipping, first add the shipping cost to the package price. Then divide by the number of diapers.

Note that as diapers get bigger, less fit in the package.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.


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