Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, we have the LOZO on how to save money. Babies go through lots of diapers so it's a big expense, so learn how to cut costs for savings that really add up.


  • The cost of cloth diapers
    Very thorough and detailed breakdown from of the costs of using different kinds of diapers (various types of cloth and disposable). Shows how much it adds up to over several years including costs for washing the cloth diapers.
  • Saving $$$ on Diapers guide to saving money by using disposable diapers
  • Cloth and Disposable Diaper Savings Calculator calculator for estimating the cost of cloth and disposable diapers
  • Cloth Diaper Community Forums
    The Diaper Jungle's forums for discussing, buying and selling, and reviewing cloth diapers
  • Cloth Diapers 101 introduction to the four main cloth diaper systems and guide to help you get started with a system that works for you
  • Cloth Diaper Resource comprehensive resources for cloth diapering parents
  • Diaper Calculator calculator to compare costs between cloth & disposable diapers
  • List of Cloth Diaper Articles list of cloth diaper articles to answer your questions about cloth diapering
  • Diaper Services Directory state by state list of companies that offer cloth diaper services
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