Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, we have the LOZO on how to save money. Babies go through lots of diapers so it's a big expense, so learn how to cut costs for savings that really add up.


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  • Sign up for free baby clubs to save money on diapers and more
    Sign-up directly with your favorite diapers brand to get free samples, coupons and more: Pampers Huggies Luvs Seventh Generation. Also look in to baby clubs and loyalty programs offered by your local department stores and supermarkets.
  • Focus on cost per diaper, not cost per package
    As anyone with babies knows, diapers are expensive and you buy a LOT of them. Unfortunately, diaper companies don't make it easy to quickly find the best price because they sell diapers in different quantity packages that vary by brand, [...]
  • Always use coupons on diapers
    For common brands like Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and more, coupons are all over the place. Check the circulars in your Sunday newspaper or ask your friends and family to clip for you. Check online with LOZO printable coupons. Your pediatrician's [...]
  • Buying diapers in bulk is convenient, but not always cheapest
    The cheapest way to buy diapers is to buy a store or a generic brand on a good sale, like "buy one, get one 50% off". The next best is to buy a name brand on a big sale, and add on a $1 or $2 coupon for extra savings. If you can't wait for the sale, [...]
  • Save up to $1,500 with cloth diapers
    The average family can save up to $1,500 by making the switch to cloth diapers, as long as you can divide the costs across multiple children (either yours, or a friend's or family member's). Cloth diapers cost a lot more per diaper ($10-20 or so) [...]
  • Buy diapers online, at least for one order
    There are several good online options for buying diapers, just be sure to compare their cost per diaper (and factor in any shipping costs) with what you can get at a local store. Try (get $10 off your first order with referral code [...]
  • Save up to $200 per year with store brand diapers
    Many grocery stores sell their own brand of diapers, at a savings of more than 25% versus big name brands. With multiple diaper changes every day, this can really add up. Not all brands will do the job for your little one, but it's worth trying a [...]
  • Use cheaper diapers during the day
    If you have a variety of diapers at home, with some that work better than others, use the budget ones while you are at home and can change them immediately. Save the more expensive ones for overnight or when you will be out for a while.
  • Try adjustable-size cloth diapers for long-term savings
    While their up-front cost many be higher, one-size diapers can stay with your baby from birth right through to potty training, eliminating the need to buy diapers in multiple sizes. The one-size diaper has adjustable snap settings on the front to [...]
  • Choose the smallest size diaper your baby can wear comfortably to save money
    Most manufacturers charge the same price per package of diapers. But more small diapers fit in to a package than large diapers. So, the longer you can keep your baby in smaller diapers (that still fit comfortably) the cheaper they will be. Also [...]
  • Weigh the pros and cons of disposable training pants
    Disposable training pants are basically diapers designed to look like underwear. They are great for the ending stages of potty training, as they make little kids feel like big kids but still protect against accidents. They are about 15 cents per [...]
  • Dry cloth diapers in the sun to save money on electricity costs
    The heat of the sun makes a great dryer for most clothes, including cloth diapers. The sunlight will help remove stains, too. Avoid leaving diaper covers in the sun for too long on a hot day, as the sun's rays can damage the waterproofing.
  • Save a bundle on cloth diapers by sewing your own
    Diapers and diaper covers are easy to make for anyone with basic sewing skills. Check out for patterns and instructions for various diaper styles.
  • Consider buying gently used cloth diapers for a trial run
    Thinking of trying cloth diapers but aren't yet convinced about making the switch? Consider buying gently-used cloth diapers. While it may sound strange, remember cloth diapers are meant to be re-used. Great deals can be found on used diapers [...]
  • Consider a washing service for cloth diapers
    Want to use cloth diapers but not deal with the washing mess? Consider a washing service. It will cost a bit of money, but the time- and aggravation-saving trade-off might be worth it.
  • Fit is more important than brand when it comes to diapers
    All babies are different, so the key to finding the best diaper is just what fits your baby's shape the best. This holds true for both cloth and disposable diapers. Try a few brands until you find the brand that fits your baby best. And don't be [...]
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