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Sell back your old books at the end of the semester to help pay for the new set of books you'll need. Following are your best bets on how to get the bet prices for them:
  • College Bookstores: nearly all college bookstores offer store credit or cash for used books in good condition. This is a great place to start.
  • Online: Be sure to compare what the bookstore is offering to what you can get selling it back online. Try Chegg: they advertise an average buyback price of more than $40 per book. Check their site for a free quote (they also offer free shipping, which is a great perk). 
  • Other Students: To get the most value, try to find another student who is planning to pay full price for the book. Advertise books you have for sale on college notice boards and Ask for a price that's higher than what you've found via the bookstore or Chegg, but lower than what it costs to buy it new. Chances are, both you and the buyer will come out ahead this way.
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Now that you've sold your old books, you're probably going to have a new set for the upcoming semester. If that's the case, be sure to read our complete guide to saving money on college books, including how to get them for free, renting them, buying them at a discount and other simple tips to cut down costs.

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