When it comes to college, nothing is cheap. Tuition, textbooks, laundry… it all adds up, but LOZO’s here to help! We’ve compiled all the best tips and resources for you right here. If you know what you need, check out our Quick Links, to the right. If you need a little more guidance, dive in below!

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  • Get books for free online
    Goodness knows buying books for college takes a big bite out of any student or parent's wallet. Luckily, there are more options than ever these days to get books for free. Yes, that's right FREE (and it's totally [...]
  • Enroll in Upromise
    UPromise is a free program that gives members rebates on everyday purchases at the supermarket and more, in the form of a savings account for your child. Start early, when your kids are born and refer friends and family to help save, all at no cost. [...]
  • Use student discounts on computers and software
    Most educational institutions offer discounts--sometimes substantial ones--on new computers and more. If you're not sure if your school gets a discount, check with your administration or just ask the retailer directly. For example, at Apple's [...]
  • Negotiate a financial aid package with a college or university
    If you need money for college but the college won't give you enough, negotiate. Some are willing to loan or give extra money if a student can prove need.
  • Help pay for college with the Federal Work-Study Program
    The Federal Work-Study Program (or FWS Program) provides funds that students earn through part-time employment, often in a field related to their studies. These funds help offset tuition costs while providing valuable work experience. About [...]
  • Rent or download cheap textbooks
    If you want to save 50% or more on your college books, consider buying digital copies of the books, or even renting them, rather than buying them new at the college bookstore. Here's the LOZO on the best options...
    Cheap Digital Books: [...]
  • Buy used textbooks
    When you can, always buy used textbooks rather than the new ones. New books are exorbitantly expensive and they're really no better than a used book (especially when you consider that your "new" book will become "used" the second you crack it open). [...]
  • Shop around thoroughly before taking out a student loan
    Student loans come in all shapes and sizes, some good ones and some really bad. Compare the APR, which includes any additional fees to the loan, instead of just the loan's "rate.” Talk to a financial advisor that you trust and get opinions on [...]
  • Check EVERYWHERE for scholarships
    Given the potential benefit a student can receive from scholarships, it's best to leave no stone un-turned. With that in mind, here's a list of all the places we recommend you look:
    FastWeb: FastWeb should be your very first stop. They have [...]
  • Keep assets in your parent's name to maximize financial aid
    Children who are hoping to go to college should save money under a parent's name, or use a 529 savings plan. When colleges consider a student's financial aid package, they consider both the student and the parents' assets. They'll require you to pay [...]
  • Volunteer or work in exchange for college tuition funding
    Many programs like the Peace Corps, ROTC, AmeriCorps and Vista all help pay off student loans or provide assistance during college in exchange for a service commitment upon graduation. In addition to financial need, these programs are great [...]
  • Purchase an international edition of a U.S. textbook to save money
    Search or for international editions of U.S. textbooks. The content is generally identical, but the cost is cheaper. Just read the site disclaimers to learn which versions are restricted by copyright.
  • Get cash or credit for used books
    Many college bookstores offer store credit or cash for used books in good condition. Sell back your old books at the end of the semester to help pay for the new set of books you'll need. Be sure to compare what the bookstore is offering to what you [...]
  • Ask your professor about loaner books
    Find out if all of the books on the reading list are truly required. If only one or two chapters of a book are necessary, you may be able to study them in the library instead of buying the entire book. Ask professors to put the required books on [...]
  • Share textbooks with a friend
    Ask classmates to share or borrow books - split the cost of the purchase and share custody of the book for the semester. Agree to sell it on afterwards and split the profit. For students taking the same class at different times, sharing books can be [...]
  • A two-year community college will save thousands on basic college courses
    Students looking to save money on college should consider taking their first two years at a community college. They will cover the same basic requirements, but with lower costs, and credits that will likely transfer towards a bachelor's degree at a [...]
  • Get college credit early to save on tuition and fees
    The more credits a student can bring in to college, the cheaper a four-degree will be. Many high schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which will prepare students for tests that let them skip a college course or give credit for one. [...]
  • Budget for school activities in advance
    Each school year, create a budget with your child of school expenses, including after-school or extracurricular activities. Plan out expenses for the year so you can get a realistic picture of what to expect. Involving a child in the process can [...]
  • Save printing costs by printing at the library
    The library is a great place for affordable computing. Instead of using copy shops or buying an expensive printer, consider printing at the library, where rates are generally cheaper.
  • Look for cheaper alternatives to dorms and apartments
    Alternative boarding arrangements can often be found with a little creativity. For example, nursing students can sometimes find free room and/or board with a senior citizen. Other students should consider becoming a live-in babysitter or nanny, or [...]
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