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Accessorize the family for less. Get the LOZO on how to find discounts on jewelry. Learn how to save money on clothing accessories and more.


  • Split up your purchases to maximize use of multiple coupons
    Shoppers who have The LOZO know to always try to use coupons whenever they make a purchase. Some stores are quite stingy with the coupons they offer, so you're happy to get your hands on any of them. But some stores are known for frequently issuing [...]
  • Optimize tiered discounts for the biggest savings
    You've probably seen offers that look something like this: 20% off $25 in merchandise OR 30% off $40, OR 40% off $60. The industry term for this is a "tiered offer" since you have different tiers you can climb to get to each next savings [...]
  • Always get a discount on jewelry!
    Most jewelry stores put a large mark-up (300% or more) on their merchandise, so it's important to haggle a little to get a better price. At some stores discounts of 60-70% are common, but they are still making a nice profit. Beware of high pressure [...]
  • Shop early, shop around, and stick to your budget
    If you are in the market for new jewelry, start shopping early and look for sales. Compare prices amongst several stores. And always stick to your budget. Beware that some jewelers will try the hard sell and try to convince you to buy something [...]
  • Windex makes a great, cheap jewelry cleaner
    Watered-down Windex will clean metal and gemstone jewelry safely, at a fraction of the cost of specially marketed jewelry cleaner. In fact, you can create a mild detergent that will clean jewelry with any number of household items such as ammonia, [...]
  • Pay cash for jewelry
    If you can, save up money to buy a wedding ring with cash or pay off the bill right away. Otherwise you'll be paying it off for years, and with the interest charges you'll ultimately pay much than you budgeted for. Plus, you can ask for a nice [...]
  • Synthetic jewelry still looks great
    Don't worry if you can't afford diamonds or other expensive gemstones. There are plenty of faux or synthetic gemstones that look almost as good - and few people are likely to ask if it's real anyway. Bridal boutiques and both regular and discount [...]
  • Buy certified jewelry
    If buying gems, avoid getting ripped off: check if your jeweler belongs to the Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society or Jewelers of America. These agencies require their member jewelers to commit to codes of ethics which are meant [...]
  • Have jewelry independently appraised
    If you are thinking of selling a piece of expensive jewelry, have it appraised by an independent appraiser (not the jeweler you intend to sell it to). Make sure he or she is certified by the American Society of Appraisers. A small investment in an [...]
  • Check out estate sales, antique shops and even pawn shops
    Antique shops and estate sales can yield unique jewelry purchases, often at a cheaper cost than something new in a jewelry store. Some pieces even come with documents stating their history, which makes for a great talking point, too. If you know [...]
  • Shop for jewelry online, but carefully
    Discounts can be found on almost anything when shopping online, and jewelry is no exception. Popular sellers like, and can offer great bargains and reliable guarantees. For certified wedding jewelry with buyer [...]
  • Go wholesale for bulk orders
    If you need to make a big jewelry purchase, or have a group of friends or family who want to chip in, consider buying through a wholesaler. You might get a better deal from these dealers on a bulk order.
  • Beware of jewelry warranties
    Most warranties offered by jewelry stores don't cover damage from wearing, they only cover manufacturing defects. It can be difficult to make a warranty claim on a piece of jewelry with a lot of fine print attached. However, do insure expensive [...]
  • Check the return policy
    As with any purchase, be sure to check the return policy of jewelry stores. When shopping online, make sure the retailer doesn't have a restocking fee if there's a reasonable chance you'll have to send it back. A 30-day return policy should be the [...]
  • Track prices on that must have piece
    Many jewelers have great jewelry sales around holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Other jewelers artificially inflate prices around this time and then put jewelry back on "sale" to its original price. It's sometimes hard to predict, so [...]
  • Go loose on diamonds
    You can potentially save hundreds of dollars on engagement and other rings by purchasing a loose diamond and having it set by a trusted jeweler. This also gives you more freedom in designing the setting. But don't trust just anyone with your diamond [...]
  • Save with lower clarity or color ratings
    Generally speaking, for the same number of carats (the size) in the diamond, you'll pay more for a higher clarity and color rating. So if size is what matters most, consider a lower color rating like I or J, and/or clarity rating like VS2 or SI1. [...]
  • Look for cheaper wedding bands
    If you have already tapped your jewelry budget, there are several ways to cut down on the cost of wedding bands. Stick with plain bands (without jeweled accents) to start. Avoid expensive metals like platinum and go for white gold or palladium [...]
  • Look beyond diamonds
    Diamonds are the classic standard when it comes to wedding rings, but there are dozens of other cheaper and equally attractive alternative gemstones out there. Consider classic rubies, sapphires and emeralds, as well as your own personal favorites [...]
  • Shop a month late for birthstones
    Many popular gemstones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires are also birthstones. Good deals can be found a month or two after that stone's designated month, when jewelers try to clear out leftover inventory.
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