Clean the dryer and save $50+

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Reduce the likelihood of a clothes dryer breakdown. Clean the lint filter after each use, and the entire air duct once per year to avoid the risk of fire. This will also keep the dryer running smoothly and efficiently – thereby using less electricity. Also, remove and wash the lint filter with warm soapy water every six months to remove any dryer sheet residue – this will also extend the life of the dryer. With an average life span of about 13 years, and a cost of $500-700 for a new one, an extra year of dryer life is worth around $50. Plus you'll cut back on your electric bill every time you use it.

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posted by wandmin (Contributor | 180 Points) on 03-08-2010 06:41 PM
fabric softener gunk
It's amazing how much fabric softener gunk can build up on those lint filters. I wash mine regularly and it seems my dryer is running much smoother than before.
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