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Air drying is free. Plus, not only will your energy bill be lower, your clothes will last longer too. If you have no backyard or space for an outdoor clothesline, buy a few drying racks (see lots of ideas here). Clothes will last much longer, and shrink less. Drying clothes inside on racks will help humidify dry winter air inside the house, too. Spin dryers can cut your drying times in half. Either way you are looking at a savings of $100-200 per year.

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posted by wandmin (Contributor | 180 Points) on 03-08-2010 06:22 PM
Good idea
I never dry my clothes - the dryer shortens their life AND costs a lot to run. If you must, just put them in to get the wrinkles out for 5 minutes then switch to air drying.
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