Use drug discount cards and services to save money on prescription medicines

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Prescription drugs are expensive and, if you need to buy a lot of them, the prices really add up. Luckily, there are some options that offer discounted or even no-cost prescriptions!
  • RxAssist and PScard offer 15% - 50% savings for everyone, no qualifications needed. 
  • Together Rx Access offers a card that saves most cardholders 25% - 40%. They offer the card to people who don't have drug coverage, aren't eligible for Medicare or whose income falls below a certain threshold. 
  • Many similar options are available in different areas of the country.
These cards are usually free, so be wary of any offer that requires you to pay up front! If you have a regular prescription it's worth checking what discounts will be offered with each card to see where you will get the lowest cost.

In addition, some of your other discount groups (e.g. AARP, auto insurance provider) might have an option for discount drug coverage. A few phone calls to compare costs can go a long way towards monthly savings.

Major local drugstores and big box retailers may offer discount plans as well. Some have initial enrollment fees and some are free for everyone. Ask the pharmacist what the cost will be with or without program enrollment so you can figure out if it's worth the cost. Here are some of the largest programs:

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