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These days the corner drugstore is not the only place to get refills on medication which means you can comparison shop to find the best possible price.

Unfortunately, there are still no good search engine to compare prices for prescription drugs across many retailers, so it will take a little legwork (we'll try to make it easy on you though!). First off, here's a list of places that sell prescription medicine: 
  • Drugstores
  • Major Retailers: Places like Target and Walmart now sell the same pills as the drugstore, often at a reduced price.
  • Wholesale Stores: Costco, BJs and other wholesalers that have their own pharmacy departments are great places to look too.
  • Local Supermarkets: Yes, even they're getting in on the act, offering highly competitive prices on generic drugs.
  • Online: Mail order is another option for recurring prescriptions, and you can often pick up 3 months worth at a time for the price of 1-2 months. Your healthcare provider might have their own, so it's worth asking.
Call each of these options or check their websites to get a price. The savings can be substantial and recur every month, so it's worth the effort.

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