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Find the best ways to save money on healthcare. Cut costs on prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Read the latest and greatest advice on saving money by choosing the right health insurance plan for you and your family.


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  • Comparison shop for medicines
    These days the corner drugstore is not the only place to get refills on medication which means you can comparison shop to find the best possible price.

    Unfortunately, there are still no good search engine to compare prices for prescription [...]
  • Compare your own insurance vs. your employers
    With employers continuing to cut back on insurance benefits, you might find your costs are higher than ever. It's worth checking eHealthInsurance for options to get your own care, since you are not obligated to use the one your employer offers. If [...]
  • Consider discount dental plans instead of dental insurance
    When your dental insurance doesn't manage to pay for itself, consider an inexpensive membership to a dental discount plan. These plans, from companies like AmeriPlan, Careington International, or give members up to a 60 percent [...]
  • Use drug discount cards and services to save money on prescription medicines
    There are many free programs that offer discounted or no-cost prescriptions to people who qualify: RxAssist and PScard offer 15-50% savings for everyone, no qualifications needed. Together Rx Access offers a card to people without drug coverage, not [...]
  • Ask your doctor and pharmacist for pill samples
    A few weeks of sample pills can be very beneficial for your health budget. The extra time you gain before having to buy the pills will allow you to research the lowest price option available. Plus, this means a couple weeks worth of cost still in [...]
  • Go generic
    A large number of medications now have a generic or over-the-counter alternative. These copies use precisely the same ingredients and are perfectly safe. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there is a generic option available for your prescription and [...]
  • Double the size of the pill
    Some medications are available in different dosage sizes. If you are not taking the highest strength pill, ask your doctor if it is viable for you to cut larger pills in half. Usually, the larger tablets will cost the same amount of money at the [...]
  • Ask for cheaper medicines that still do the job
    Doctors might prescribe a medication without considering the cost to you. Sometimes there may be perfectly acceptable alternative medications that cost a lot less and/or are available in an inexpensive generic equivalent. Don't be afraid to ask. [...]
  • Get help from a patient assistance program
    Many drug companies offer patient assistance programs to lower or eliminate the cost of drugs for qualifying people. For help finding a program, try: Partnership for Prescription Assistance which "helps qualifying patients without prescription [...]
  • Local health clinics can be a solid, cheaper alternative
    Many towns have a local walk-in clinic that provides basic medical care. In addition to the potential convenience of these services the costs can be much more manageable for basic care. Plus if your clinic fills prescriptions you might save on that [...]
  • Add on a health savings accounts
    Consider adding on a health savings account (HSA) to your monthly health insurance policy to save money on your yearly taxes. Funds deposited in an HSA are not taxed and the balance is passed on from year to year. Use the money in the account to [...]
  • Take advantage of flexible spending accounts
    Ask the human resources department at work if there is an option for a flexible spending account (FSA) with your health insurance. These accounts allow you to store tax-free money at the beginning of the year, which can then be applied towards [...]
  • Try before you buy
    Just like retail consumer items, health insurance companies often allow you to try their policies before you commit to a long term contract. Speak with your insurance representative or call the company directly to see if there is a trial period [...]
  • Find the plan that is best suited to you
    There a few different types of health insurance plans (e.g. indemnity plans, HMOs, PPOs) and each one carries advantages and disadvantages. Learning the difference between them will help you to decide which plan is best for you and your family.  [...]
  • Build your own plan to save even more
    Each health insurance plan has a number of different options, add-ons and levels of coverage and most can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Examine your family's requirements before jumping into a higher priced plan. Consider things like the [...]
  • Stick to insurance basics
    There are a multitude of ways to buy life insurance, and lots of options on how to invest your policy if you get a "whole life" plan. There is no "one size fits all" strategy but if you are really just need a certain amount of coverage, and your [...]
  • Ask the experts how you can save
    Talk to a health insurance agent about all of your options. These experts can help adjust the plan to meet specific needs and help to explain the differences between the providers. Some companies even offer free consulting services if you decide to [...]
  • Yes, you can negotiate with your doctors
    Unless restricted by a health insurance plan, doctors and hospitals often have the ability to negotiate their fees for medical procedures and more. Ask up front for a discount and often you will get a price cut (the majority of people did, according [...]
  • Ask for help with your doctor or hospital bill
    Even with health insurance the co-pay or deductible for a hospital or doctor bill can be a lot of money. If you are on the hook for a big cost, don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Explain your circumstances - particularly if the bill will cause [...]
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