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  • Fans of the TLC show Extreme Couponing?  LOZO has the best service to help you save like an Extreme Couponer without all the hassle! 

    How does it work?  It's simple (&...
  • Shoppers who have The LOZO know to always try to use coupons whenever they make a purchase. Some stores are quite stingy with the coupons they offer, so you're happy to get your hands on any of them....
  • Not all letters can be mailed for the regular 49 cent first class rate, however using two 49 cent stamps without knowing the actual rate is just wasting money.  What to do?  
  • Store or generic brands will work just as well as name brands most of the time, and often for considerable savings. Your clients won’t know that you’re using the 88-cent sticky notes instead of...

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  • During back-to-school sales you can find some great deals on school supplies, just sometimes you have to buy in bulk. Some items like pencils, paper, & notebooks will last for many years, so stock up. For other items, or if you won't ever get through it all, team up and chip in with a friend or neighbor and divide the goods. Donate any spares to [...]
  • LOZO has access to a number of special free offers, sponsored by its partners.  Grab some free stuff!
  • With these simple money-savings tips, you'll never pay full price for an online purchase again!
  • At your local dollar store you should be able to find lots of items for home decoration and crafting. They have everything from candles and picture frames to mirrors and art supplies. Also look out for gift wrapping supplies and things to stock the kitchen cupboard. Search LOZO for more "dollar store finds."
  • Holiday discounts have been around for weeks, and the terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have been more than a little overused this year. We expect this to continue with promotions like “the return of BF/CM” deals, right through the Christmas holiday.

    All that said, you can still expect to find some new deals on the [...]