Look to "free after rebate" items to hit a minimum coupon threshold

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Suppose you have a coupon like $20 off $100 in supplies, but you find yourself a little bit short of the $100 mark. Rather than waste money on things you don't need, check the site to see if they are offering any special "free after rebate" items that week. You can often find these on the front or back page of their weekly circular, which is available in the Sunday newspaper, through ShopLocal, or on their own website. These items cost you money now, but refund that $ in the form of a check or prepaid credit card 8-12 weeks for now. If you don't mind waiting, and you are careful to fill out and submit the rebate forms properly, this is a great way to make use of your coupon without added expense. Here's an example: if you only have $80 in your basket, and need $20 more, find an item for $20 which offers a $20 rebate. That means your basket will now be $100 so you can use your coupon. Put in the $20 coupon and you'll pay $80 total now. Then send in your rebate and get the $20 back later. Now you are really out of pocket only $60.

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