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Free services like help you edit documents and web pages before you print them. This way you'll print only the parts you need, saving on toner/ink and paper. suggests five software programs you can download to help you cut back as well, though some of them add banner ads to your printed pages unless you pay for their premium editions: HP Smart Web Printing: free add-on for Internet Explorer that "lets you quickly Select & Clip or Select & Print web pages just the way you want them" GreenPrint: software that omits wasted pages that have useless text and images (free edition available to home users and non-profits) FinePrint: program "that offers multiple ways to quickly and easily format printing, such as deleting unwanted pages or printing several pages on one sheet" Lexmark Toolbar: free toolbar add-on, that works with any printer, that let's you choose to print only text Nuke Anything: free FireFox add-on that lets you remove objects from a webpage that you don't want to print, such as unnecessary images

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