Stick with reconditioned or refill printer cartridges

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New ink cartridges are a waste of money and not so great for the environment either. The black & white laser toner cartridges you already have can often be refilled for about $10-20 each, or replaced with a reconditioned one for $30-50. Compare this to new ones which can run $75 to $100. You'll save $50 a pop. Similar savings are available for inkjet, color printing, and photo printers. Look in the yellow pages or online for cartridge recycling services in your area. Check eBay, and Amazon for discounted cartridge replacements. Most replacements should work fine, and generally speaking people are happy with just about any option they choose. To be extra safe, stick with reputable dealers, as poorly made cartridges or a refill gone awry can potentially damage your printer, and void any warranty. But for older, less costly printers this is generally a safe way to go, since the money you save on ink can always go towards a replacement machine, if something should happen to go wrong.

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