Be cautious around wholesale stores

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Just because something is being sold at the warehouse store does not mean that it is necessarily a good bargain. Many food items (especially name-brand products) are less expensive at the local supermarket. Always compare the unit price at both stores before committing to a larger size. Remember that some warehouse stores like Costco do not normally accept manufacturer's coupons. Consider your family's eating habits before buying in volume because wasted food is wasted money. Finally, wholesale stores require a membership fee to shop there. Only join if there is enough of a discount for you to shop there regularly. Most wholesale stores will offer you a day pass, which allows you to look around before you commit to a membership.

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posted by will_v (Contributor | 1010 Points) on 03-04-2010 10:58 AM
To wholesale or not to wholesale
This is a very good tip. Because wholesale stores have a lot of good bargains it is easy to think that EVERYTHING is a good bargain. We still stick to the basic principle of unit pricing when buying from Sam's Club. Some items just don't make the cut over our supermarket's prices.
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