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When comparing prices make sure to use the unit price, not the actual price. The unit price is the other number listed next to the actual price on supermarket shelf tags (example). This number refers to how much the item costs per unit of weight or volume (e.g., gram, ounce).

Unit price is helpful because product packaging is often misleading. Compare two similar looking coffee cans from the same manufacturer and you may find that while the total price is the same, one can contains 16oz of coffee and the other only has 14.5oz. Paying attention to unit price will help you pick the right size (for the best price) and may help you decide between two comparable brands.

The LOZO: the lower the unit price, the better the deal (and you'll usually find the lowest unit prices on larger packages).

LOZO's Unit Price Comparison Calculator
This easy calculator will help you find determine the best deal. You can even see how a coupon affects the price (or leave it blank if you don't have a coupon).

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Compare Unit Prices After Coupon

Now that you know all about unit prices, read our related tip on how coupons affect unit prices.

One situation that needs further explanation is laundry detergent. When comparing detergent, look on the bottle for the expected number of loads the bottle will last, not the size of the container. Two detergents of the same size or volume might have a different number of expected loads since the strength of the product is also a factor. Use the number of loads to calculate the unit price.

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posted by will_v (Contributor | 1010 Points) on 03-02-2010 12:57 PM
Best tip
Unit price has completely changed how I go about my shopping trips. My family used to just reach for the biggest size or the brand we recognized most. Now we spend a few extra seconds to compare apples to apples and our grocery bills have seen a clear decline.
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