Bottle your own water for less than 2 cents per bottle

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Even the cheapest store brand bottled water costs more than 10 times as much as you need to spend. The cheapest alternative is to use your own reusable metal/plastic bottle or reuse an empty bottle you purchased previously. Then fill with tap water at a cost of 0 cents per bottle! You'll still have the convenience of the bottle if you plan ahead (i.e., fill some up ahead of time) without the cost and environmental waste.

If tap water doesn't provide the taste or convenience you want, you will still save a lot with a water filter. For example, a single standard Brita filter costs about $5 on sale and replaces 300 bottles. That's less than 2 cents per bottle, versus 20 cents or more in the store.

This is also very helpful at the airport since empty bottles are allowed through the security checkpoints. Just fill it up at a water fountain once you've passed through.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.

User Comments

posted by will_v (Contributor | 1010 Points) on 03-04-2010 02:31 PM
I don't like the taste of tap water in our town. The Pur brand filters are much less expensive than buying individual bottles (even from Sam's club) and if you use the filter that attaches to your faucet it makes refilling bottles very easy.
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posted by jrichardson (Contributor | 110 Points) on 06-28-2010 01:28 PM
Our kids like drinking out of bottles, and they'll always try to grab a new one. I find if I refill then in advance and leave them out, they'll just as happily drink those too, saving me a bunch every time.
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