Never pay full price for cereal

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At full price breakfast cereal can very expensive, at upwards of $4 per box. It's a deliberate trick by manufacturers who can then offer big sales on cereal. Be LOZO savvy and take advantage of these sales to stock up.

On pretty much any given day, you can find some cereal on sale at your local supermarket, at a discount of 40%-70% off. The brands usually rotate each week so it's only a matter of time until your favorite can be found on the cheap. You might have to buy a few boxes to get the best sale price, but given the long shelf life of most cereals this is a no-brainer time to stock up.

The best way to save on cereal is to combine a store discount with a coupon. There are many different ways to obtain breakfast cereal coupons such as: in the Sunday newspaper, online right here at LOZO, from manufacturer's sites (try Kellogg's & General Mills for the latest offers) or often right in front of the cereal (General Mills commonly does this offering $1 off 3 boxes of its brands of cereal). Combining them with in-store sales will result in huge discounts on cereal.

One 'rule of thumb' is to wait until the store drops the price by at least 50% of the original price and then add on coupons to create a Super Deal. When you find a great combo like this, stock up! Most unopened cereal can be stored for up to a year.

With a little patience, boxes of cereal can readily be purchased for $1 or less per box.


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posted by will_v (Contributor | 1010 Points) on 03-23-2010 10:56 AM
Combining coupons
This is definitely one of the best ways to save money on groceries.
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