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Find lots of great advice on buying produce for less. Discover when fruits & vegetables will be "in season" near you, to stock up on the cheap.

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  • Fruit and vegetable prices will change throughout the year due to seasonality and location. By buying fruit that's "in season" in your area, you'll save money and get the freshest...
  • Grocery stores like to spray the produce with water to keep the fruits and vegetables looking fresh. If you are buying by the pound, try to shake off any excess water as this will just add to the...
  • Always know what your options are in the grocery store. Many items, including produce, are available in different parts of the store. Generally, the items at the supermarket salad bar are an...

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  • Every fruit and vegetable ages, ripens and spoils differently. Failing to properly keep your produce could result in food being tossed in the trash, which is a waste of your money. The best way to find out how to keep your produce fresh is to follow advice for the specific item. is a well organized website with valuable information [...]
  • Learn how to use digital grocery coupons to save $1,000 every single year!
  • While supermarkets try to make all produce available throughout the year, many items on the shelf are actually "out of season". This means that the fruit or vegetable was flash-frozen months prior or that it is being shipped in from another country. Purchase fruits & vegetables that are "in season" to save money, to promote better health and [...]

  • LOZO's own simple calculator for comparing the unit price of two items with or without factoring in the savings from a coupon. Often the larger package size is a better deal, on a per unit basis, when no coupon is involved, but a smaller package is cheaper with the coupon factored in.
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