Whole goods or pre-cut?

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Usually the pre-cut fruits and vegetables will cost you a premium (e.g. "baby carrots" are really just pre-cut whole carrots), however there are times when the pre-cut items are a better deal. As always, compare the unit price, but in this circumstance also consider what the weight represents. For example whole broccoli normally costs less per pound than pre-cut broccoli crowns. However, the stem of the broccoli is a large part of the weight of whole broccoli and this part normally gets thrown out. If the unit price is similar, then it might be less expensive to purchase the pre-cut one. The same logic applies to pre-made fruit salads. Making your own fruit salad is certainly cheaper by weight, but if you are unable to buy small quantities of fruit it might work out to be less expensive for you since wasted items end up in the trash.

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