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  • Fans of the TLC show Extreme Couponing?  LOZO has the best service to help you save like an Extreme Couponer without all the hassle! 

    How does it work?  It's simple (&...
  • Shoppers who have The LOZO know to always try to use coupons whenever they make a purchase. Some stores are quite stingy with the coupons they offer, so you're happy to get your hands on any of them....
  • You've probably seen offers that look something like this: 20% off $25 in merchandise OR 30% off $40, OR 40% off $60. The industry term for this is a "tiered offer" since you have...
  • Watered-down Windex will clean metal and gemstone jewelry safely, at a fraction of the cost of specially marketed jewelry cleaner. In fact, you can create a mild detergent that will clean jewelry...

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