Save 10-30% on your monthly store bills when you use a little less

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Monitor your normal usage of everyday items around the house. Then enroll the whole family in brainstorming ways to conserve or cut back. Most things are simple and won't require much change in lifestyle. First, don't throw away leftovers - eat them again or reuse them to make something else the next day. Be aware of how much plastic wrap and aluminum foil you use to wrap up food - can you get away with an inch or two less each time? Don't overuse shampoo - usually a quarter-sized portion is plenty for most hair (and even less for really short hair). Use less toilet paper each time. And so on. The list is endless. Just remember the less you use, the less you have to buy, so the less money you spend. A little bit here and there can mean 10-30% off your grocery and other bills each month!

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