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  • Use Freecycle to get and give household items for FREE!
    Freecycle is just what it sounds like ("free" & "recycle"). People donate their unwanted items to other people, for free. If you have something you no longer need, you can donate it and keep it out of the landfill. Likewise, you can search for [...]
  • Best time to buy big appliances: early Fall
    Holiday weekends are a popular time for sales on most things, including appliances. Just after Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great time to look. Best of all, when new appliances are released in January and October, last [...]
  • Replace older, energy-sucking appliances
    Newer appliances tend to use much less energy than older models, which means lower water and electricity bills, and less strain on the environment. For example: newer washing machines use up to 60% less energy than models made a decade ago. These [...]
  • Get a tax credit for a new appliance
    In what some are calling the Cash for Appliance Clunkers program, state governments are offering rebates as tax credits if you buy an energy-efficient appliance. Check with your local utility company or local government to see [...]
  • Check for a price match, both before and after you buy
    Keep an eye out for deals that pop up each week in newspaper circulars and online. If you find a good deal, just not at the store you wanted, see if they will price-match (offer to sell for the same price as the other store). Even if they don't [...]
  • Save $100s with ENERGY STAR rated appliances
    ENERGY STAR is a government program designed to help consumers save money on appliances and protect the environment by identifying energy-efficient products. Appliances with the ENERGY STAR label will typically use from 10-50% less energy than their [...]
  • Read the EnergyGuide Labels to compare operating costs
    All major home appliances must have an EnergyGuide label, which estimates energy use, compares similar products, and approximates annual operating costs. This is a great tool to help make a smart purchase, because the more energy-efficient an [...]
  • Find appliance discounts both online and in-store
    Most people prefer to buy appliances in a physical store. However it still pays to shop around online to do some price comparisons and more. You can often find special coupons and discounts this way, and even order online for pickup in [...]
  • Find the one you want first, then shop around
    Make a list of the features needed in a new appliance. Research different brands and models on the internet. Check Consumer Reports to review and compare price, performance and customer satisfaction. Then, shop around. Visit several stores online [...]
  • Start with the cheapest and work your way up (not the other way around)
    In store, look at the basic, cheaper models first. Maybe one of these will meet your needs. If not, then work your way up until you find one with all the features that you require. If you start looking at the most expensive with the most features [...]
  • Consider newer second-hand appliances
    Garage, moving or estate sales, newspaper ads, second-hand stores and even your local retailer are all great places to search for second-hand appliances. These are almost always cheaper than brand new ones. Sometimes a one- or two-year-old appliance [...]
  • It's what's inside that counts
    Does the store have floor models or “scratch-and-dent” models for sale? Most of the time the imperfection isn't even noticeable once it's in the house. You'll get the same performance, for less dough. Also, if it can work with your decor, buy [...]
  • Look for a multi-appliance warranty instead of a regular extended one
    The cost of extended warranties is often higher than the cost to replace or fix broken appliances, which seem to have a tendency to break after a warranty expires anyway. But do make sure the appliance comes with the standard manufacturer’s [...]
  • Pick up or install a new appliance yourself
    If you or a friend has the know-how, save money on delivery and installation fees by picking up and installing your new appliance. If not, ask the store for free delivery or installation.
  • Save money on appliances with zero-interest financing
    Many stores offer interest-free terms of 30, 60, or 90 days. If you have the cash, let it sit in the bank and earn interest for that time. Or, see if the store will give you a discount for paying cash up front, on the spot.
  • Use your A/C smartly to save
    First, choose the smallest air conditioner that will still get the job done - the smaller the unit, the cheaper it is, and the less energy it takes to run. Pick a shady spot to install it - it will be cheaper to run in a shady spot. Before [...]
  • Lube your fridge
    Put a thin coat of Vaseline around the plastic gasket on your refrigerator - you’ll lose less air, making the refrigerator more energy-efficient.
  • Rethink central air
    Window air-conditioning units are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, and can give you more control over how cold one room gets. Overall they are a more cost-effective option than central air conditioning.
  • Save $100+ per year with tankless water heaters
    Traditional tank water heaters are so expensive because they are designed to keep a large tank of water constantly heated. Using that energy 24 hours a day is expensive. With tankless water heaters, the units heat water on demand. According to [...]
  • Unplug your appliances
    Even though appliances are not in use, they still use a small amount of electricity, just by being plugged in. When you consider all the appliances and electric devices plugged in throughout the home, the electricity really adds up. Standby (or [...]
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