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  • Fans of the TLC show Extreme Couponing?  LOZO has the best service to help you save like an Extreme Couponer without all the hassle! 

    How does it work?  It's simple (&...
  • You've probably seen offers that look something like this: 20% off $25 in merchandise OR 30% off $40, OR 40% off $60. The industry term for this is a "tiered offer" since you have...

  • Unit price is an important way of comparing the effective cost of different package sizes. Generally speaking, the lower the unit price, the better the deal, and larger packages...
  • From a LOZO user:
    "I took off the old sponge from the mop and I replaced it with new sponges (the kind that has the wirey type on one side and the sponge on the other (2 of them or however many...

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