Raid the cabinet: fix scratches with crayons!

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Many household items can be used to fix scratches in furniture. Crayons are one of the easiest for use both on wood and painted finishes. Just find a color that matches - you may have to mix two to get the ideal color - then rub the crayon into the scratch and smooth it with a soft cloth. Also, iodine can be used to hide scratches on darker wood. Just use a q-tip to rub the iodine in and then let it dry. Nuts are another surprise scratch-filler for lighter woods. Cut a walnut or Brazil nut to release the oil, then rub the nut into the scratch. Finally, felt tip pens or markers can be used as well - try an art and craft store to find a variety of colors. Just remember markers tend to darken as they soak into the wood so test an inconspicuous area first. Also consider a wood furniture polish like Old English to help blend in scratches and uneven surfaces. Search LOZO for more "raid the cabinet" ideas.

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