Shop around and compare the whole package

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It's important to shop around to save money on furniture. Sometimes, the same piece of furniture will appear in multiple stores for vastly different prices. When you see this, be sure to do a proper comparison. One store might include delivery, a longer warranty, or some other benefit, while another does not. Or it could just be that they were trying to make more money. Occasionally a store will sell what looks like a popular selling piece or brand, but is actually either a generic brand of equal quality (good deal) or a poorly constructed copy made of inferior materials (not a good deal). So before buying, be sure to shop around and really look at what you are buying. For wood furniture, look for signs of poor quality construction, which include splintered edges, scratches or dents, or rough, dull, glossy or cloudy surfaces that hide the wood grain. For sofas and chairs, take a good look at the frame, cushions and fabric, and be sure to test it out as you would use it at home.

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