Get the LOZO on how to find discount furniture. Find a new couch, dining room set and more, while spending less for it.


  • Best time to buy patio furniture: late-August
    Some experts say that August is the best time to buy patio furniture and others say September, and they are both right because it depends on several factors including: the store (and how much inventory they may have left), the weather (nicer weather [...]
  • Use Freecycle to get and give household items for FREE!
    Freecycle is just what it sounds like ("free" & "recycle"). People donate their unwanted items to other people, for free. If you have something you no longer need, you can donate it and keep it out of the landfill. Likewise, you can search for [...]
  • Best time to buy furniture: January & July
    January and July are clear-out times, to make way in the showrooms for new furniture models appearing in February and August. You can often grab a bargain on last season's furniture during these months, as well as traditional holiday weekend sales [...]
  • Shop at the end of the month and ask for a deal
    In some furniture stores where salespeople work on commission, shopping at the end of the month can mean deep discounts, as salespeople aim to make their monthly quotas. Shop in the middle of the week, when stores are less busy so sales associates [...]
  • Don't buy in store without checking online
    Visit a few retailers to find the furniture or appliances you want. Then compare the price in-store to the retailer's website (match up the item number, along with the product description, to make sure you have the correct item). Often the price on [...]
  • Shop around and compare the whole package
    It's important to shop around to save money on furniture. Sometimes, the same piece of furniture will appear in multiple stores for vastly different prices. When you see this, be sure to do a proper comparison. One store might include delivery, a [...]
  • Overlook a few imperfections
    Factory rejects can be a great bargain. Although these are items that have not met factory quality standards, they might only have a small defect, such as a discoloration or a scratch. Oftentimes the defect is something that can't even be seen. [...]
  • Bargains on used furniture are all around
    Used furniture can be a great money-saver, and depending on where you live you might have a lot to pick from, with a little searching. Visit local thrift and consignment stores. Check out garage, moving or estate sales in the area. Look for [...]
  • Consider recycled office furniture to save up to 50%
    Especially for pieces that are going to live through active wear and tear, it's not critical to buy furniture that's brand new. Refurbished (fixed or repaired), remanufactured (restored to original condition) and gently used furniture are all good [...]
  • Save with ready-to-assemble furniture
    Although it might sound scary, ready-to-assemble furniture is generally pretty easy to do, with a little patience and a friend. Most furniture comes with detailed instructions. Check out IKEA, Target, Walmart, Big Lots and other discount retailers. [...]
  • Save $1000s with used office furniture
    Look at online auctions, the classifieds, surplus stores and going-out-of-business sales to find bargains on used furniture, including desks, filing cabinets, chairs, and more. Furnish the office this way and save thousands: both cheaper and higher [...]
  • Checkout High Point, N.C. for a potential bargain
    Consider a trip if you are nearby, or a few phone calls if not, to the "Furniture Capital of the World". Traditionally much of the furniture manufacturing took place here, yielding the potential for great bargains by buying direct from the source. [...]
  • Make sure you can get it there
    Hallways, door frames and room size all play a role in whether or not a desired piece of furniture will make it to its final location. Don't lose a deposit on a sofa that won't fit up the stairs, or on a king-sized bed that won't fit in the bedroom, [...]
  • Sign up to be the first to know about furniture sales
    When you are in the market for a furniture deal, getting some spam and junk mail about sales is most very welcome! Signup for the mailing lists of your favorite local retailers, including stores like Target and Kmart, which send out sales fliers by [...]
  • Check the drawers
    One trick that some furniture manufacturers use to save money is to skimp on the length of the drawers. Pull them all the way out to see how much room you are really getting. You might be surprised to see that the drawers stop several inches before [...]
  • Check the sofa quality to get the best deal
    There are many things to look for when buying a quality sofa. It doesn't have to be name brand, just good quality. Make sure arms are well-padded and do not jiggle, patterns and stripes in the fabric match at the seams, seams are straight and neat, [...]
  • Raid the cabinet: fix scratches with crayons!
    Many household items can be used to fix scratches in furniture. Crayons are one of the easiest for use both on wood and painted finishes. Just find a color that matches - you may have to mix two to get the ideal color - then rub the crayon into the [...]
  • Raid the cabinet: remove water rings with toothpaste and mayonnaise!
    Three in-home options are great for removing water rings. First, rub a warm iron over a thick piece of cloth placed over a water ring, until the ring disappears. Alternatively, apply and rub in a mixture of equal parts white toothpaste and [...]
  • Get a slipcover to save money on cleaning
    Slipcovers are easy and inexpensive to clean - much cheaper than having a sofa's upholstery cleaned. For a sofa that gets daily use, this can be a convenient and money saving option.
  • Use just the right amount of wax or polish
    Furniture waxes and polishes can help protect the surface of the furniture, in addition to making it look good. Wax is good for varnished wood furniture, just remember to test out a spot on the underside to make sure it doesn't leave a film, and [...]
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